cameroon post code

 The postal code system in Cameroon consists of five digits. Each region has its own prefix, which is added to the five-digit code for a specific locality. Here are some examples of postal codes in Cameroon:

- Douala: 237001

- Yaoundé: 237002

- Bamenda: 237011

- Buea: 237012

- Limbe: 237013

- Maroua: 237021

- Garoua: 237031

- Ngaoundéré: 237041

- Bertoua: 237051

The first two digits (237) indicate the country code for Cameroon. The third digit indicates the region, while the last two digits indicate the locality. It is important to note that not all areas in Cameroon have a functional postal code system, and some areas may share the same postal code.